Taking Care of your Teddy Bear Hamsters.

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Taking Care of your Teddy Bear Hamsters.

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:16 am

Do's and Dont's

1. Keep your hamster in a cool place with temperature of 19-23 degrees.
2. Give them enough food supply like sunflower seeds and nuts. Much better if you will give them fruits and vegetables. (Make sure that the fruits and vegetables are fresh.)
3. Make sure that your cage/house has a hamster wheel or any exercising equipment because hamsters like exercising. They don't want to get fat.
4. Keep them away from ants and other termites.
5. Hamsters are good in escaping so make sure that your cage is secured.
6. Wash your hands before you play with your hamsters. If your hand smells like food, they might bite you. Also, washing your hands will help prevent the spread of diseases (like colds). Hamsters can catch the human cold virus.
7. Wash their house 2 times a week.
8. Hamsters are nocturnal animals meaning they are awake at night and asleep at day.
9. Hamsters can see in dark. Don't worry.
10. Always replace the water in the bottle everyday.
11. And last, love your hamsters as they will love you in return.

Any questions?

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